Shawn Keyz



Shawn Keyz is an award-winning director, music producer and author based in London. His highly refined skills in audio and visual have seen the professional creative make a firm impact in both the film and music industry. He has produced and engineered the sounds of many up-and-coming recording artists, as well as directing creative content for many of their music videos.

Since a young age, the multi-talented creator knew he was destined for a career in the arts. Soon enough, he started picking up the tricks of the trade, mostly self-teaching himself, though was blessed with a number of strong mentors on his journey to peak perfection.

In terms of film-making — His passion and drive displayed through his work had even led to him receiving two 1st prize awards for best Editing & Documentary Film at the LCCA Film Festival. Shawn developed and proceeded on with his talent, founding his own production label “Kreating Dreams”, his label helps artists turn their artistic visions into reality.