The Gem In I

“In life, any difficult circumstance, any critical situation, any obstacle is, in reality, an opportunity for reflection and self-transformation. It is the right time to stop, look inside and see what we should improve or transform in our way of being, what we should eliminate from the character that causes us problems.”

“When we can internally appreciate the breadth of what we can achieve concerning how little we would have to give up in terms of ego or arrogance, we will be taking advantage of all the opportunities in life to realise what we can do. change, rescue, and improve our potential.”

We live in a world full of challenges and difficulties, where we feel the need to transform ourselves. For this, it is important to ask ourselves why we would like to change ourselves? And what would we want to achieve as a result of such transformation?

The deep and natural desire to be happy is a powerful reason that motivates us to want to carry out a transformation no matter how old we are because this is a dream of both young people and adults.

We know that happiness is not achieved through a recipe. Therefore, in the way of conquering happiness and seeking self-transformation, it is important to have a very definite goal: What would I like to be? What things would I want to live, develop, experience?

In this book, you will learn to inspire and motivate yourself and taking action in changing their lives for the better.